As I sat down to write this article, unexpected phone calls with immediate needs starting coming in. The closing date for my house had to be moved out a few weeks, and I needed to sign the document. A call came about a woman who wants visits from someone from a Unity church. I was able to get her involved in one of the other Unity church’s prayer chaplain program.  A couple of questions that needed answers; a call requesting contact information for someone in another church; all things that needed attention this morning! As my time for writing kept moving later and later– I realized that I must be flexible!
I love how the Universe sends not-so-subtle reminders for me when I need them. Things have been particularly busy recently, and I now see that I’ve been taking it all very seriously. I want to take things seriously, but not myself! When I take myself too seriously, I get stressed, hurried and forgetful, which isn’t good for me – or anybody. And – judging by what I see all around me, I suspect many of us get caught up in feelings of being rushed, overwhelmed and extremely busy.
I’m reminded of Gary Simmon’s book, The I of the Storm. The image of being in the eye of a tornado, calm and quiet, while the tornado swirls all around is very powerful, and is a pleasant image for us when we’re swamped and overloaded. We can be calm and quiet in the midst of chaos by shifting to our ‘I’, our inner divinity.
This inner Self, our true Selves, is calmness, is peace, is joy. If we can just stop, breathe, and remember that Truth, we easily shift into a peaceful state of mind. We can then get more accomplished, be relaxed and even have fun.
So, I invite you to join me in pledging to remember my inner Truth when times are busy and stressful. I invite you to enjoy the effects of connection with our Creator. I invite you to be flexible, and HAVE FUN!
Rev. Sharon