Anything Is Possible

We’ve spent the first part of this year in our Sunday services talking about possibilities. We agreed that we’d all like to embrace our theme of ‘realizing expanding possibilities’, and we’ve discussed ways of making that happen. But, sometimes when it’s winter and cold and dark and we don’t see change happening, we might get discouraged. Thank goodness for the change in seasons! In this season of Easter, spring, and new life, we have more opportunities to consider (and perhaps see) possibility.
Easter is the celebration of a seemingly impossible event – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At a time when the disciples and loved ones mourned the loss of Jesus, Mary saw Jesus and was told to go tell the others that he would meet with them later. Impossible, right? Yet, according to the gospels, there he was. He ate with them, talked with them and gave them instructions to continue on. It was Jesus who said that all things are possible with God.
Spring is an annual reminder of life and vibrancy. I love watching the brown and gray landscape transform into the fresh green of the trees and grass and the colors of blooming spring flowers. I can’t help but feel uplifted and inspired with all the new growth and beauty around me. What had appeared dead and lifeless changes into spectacular glory, year after year.
And so with these consistent reminders of what can be, how can we not believe that anything is possible? We can live lives of peace and fulfillment. We can have loving relationships. From the appearances of lack and limitation can bloom the flowers of love, health, prosperity, wisdom – all good. New life is possible. New love is possible. Anything is possible!
Happy Easter!
Rev. Sharon