Rising Up

In this Easter season, we might take a moment to look back at all that we’ve been through, all that we’ve done and all that we’ve overcome. For so many reasons, it is a cause for celebration. For many of us, me included, we’ve found ourselves living lives that we might never have imagined. Good, happy things have happened to us.

For me, the births of my children rank among the top happy occasions. Maybe we’ve found careers that we never thought we would do. Maybe we live in a part of the country that we never imagined. I know that as a teenager, I had a completely different life picked out. But, I am very happy, and I have no regrets about the different direction my life took.

Challenging things have happened to all of us too. People relocate, lose jobs, divorce, and lose loved ones. We experience disappointments, illnesses and betrayals. While it seems almost insurmountable in the middle of the event, we make it through, even if we are changed. We would do well to realize that the people we are today happened as a direct result of all that we have been through.

The happy times have provided beautiful memories; the sad times have deepened our characters. Chances are, we are more compassionate, wiser and much stronger that the earlier version of ourselves. That is cause for celebration! In the Easter season, we celebrate the overcoming that Jesus did. On that Friday when he was crucified, all seemed lost and for naught. But, Jesus rose from the dead. He appeared to several people, including Mary Magdalene and the disciples. He broke bread with them. Jesus asked Thomas to touch him so that he could believe Jesus was really there. Jesus overcame death, rising above seemingly impossible circumstances. And that is the lesson. We also have an innate power within that will help us overcome obstacles.

We celebrate. We celebrate our progress in our lives; the times we have risen above the situation and overcome the obstacles. And – we celebrate our master teacher, Jesus the Christ. We celebrate his life, his teachings and his rising up. Happy Easter to all!