Fear or Faith

Your Choice…Fear or Faith

For a couple of months now, a lot of folks have been at the fork in the road, trying to decide whether to linger in fear…or choose faith to believe unwaveringly in One Presence and One Power in our Universe. The most popular well-traveled path appears to be to abandon faith in the Omnipotent and move with those who have chosen the path of fear.

It is said, so long as we fear, we are subject to that which we fear. If you think about it, as long as we think in fear, the outer conditions will appear to be formidable and hopeless. Fear is the result of looking at a small piece of the puzzle and viewing it as the whole. If we expand our vision to look at all the components of the experience, we open ourselves to much more than the human eye can see. If we are always fearing the worst, we need to do an inner search to see if we are looking at things with our “eye” or with our “I”?

Faith is the highest expression of belief. No matter how dark the way may seem to be, have faith in the Truth that there is nothing in the Universe to fear, for the power of God is greater than any experience that may occur in the world. Charles Roth in the book ‘A New Way of Thinking’ wrote, “Faith is a power accessible to everyone and free for the taking. It will enable anyone to overcome every challenge, every seeing handicap or obstacle that confronts, no matter how insurmountable it may seem”. Let us join in a mass movement and support one another in moving from fear to faith.
Love and Blessings

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