Being Free

Another new start, another new beginning. It’s a brand new year, and the possibilities are endless!  At this time of year, we look past the immediate, bleak winter landscape to the vision of potential that is there for all to see. Do you see it?
Most of us have good intentions to begin new healthy habits, to be more patient, or to be kinder in our relationships. We start out well, because we can see the vision. We very much want to be the person we envision. While we’re practicing our new behaviors, we feel great – about our commitment and about ourselves. And then sometimes, maybe often, something happens. We begin to lose some momentum. We find reasons we can’t continue our new practice, or we fall back into old ways of dealing with people. Before we know it, we find ourselves right back where we started, and we may well be critical of ourselves for ‘failing’.
We might not realize that we have an internal governor that wants to keep us from going too fast; it’s called the ego. Our ego is there to protect us, and if left in charge, will find 1001 reasons for us to not engage in new experiences and habits. The ego wisely tells us to look before we leap. Our ancestors relied on the ego to survive, and we owe a great deal to those innate mechanisms that allowed us to flee or fight when required. But, in current times, sometimes the ego becomes like a prison guard.
The ego likes to be in charge, but it really works best under the guidance of the Higher Self. The Higher Self has a vision that will allow freedom to express as the unique creations that we are. The dreams, goals and visions we have are often coming from this Higher Self. This knowledge can be a tool to get us past that tendency to give up our dreams.
While our normal routines can be comfortable, they can also be limiting. They can keep us from being all that we can be. This new year, let us choose to dream, to see our potential, to express in amazing and wonderful ways. Let us be free to be!
Happy New Year!
Rev. Sharon

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