We’re getting ready to let go of cold weather clothing and frosty mornings. Spring is upon us. With it comes Daylight Savings Time, chilly days, flowers and rain. It is a time of new growth, renewal and potentially, new beginnings, both in the outer and within ourselves.
Every Spring I look at my yard to see what will beautify my surroundings. I look to see where work needs to be done. There are nearly always flower beds that need to be cleared out, and bushes that need to be trimmed. I might find that I need to replace plants that didn’t make it through the winter. To have a yard that looks its best requires some up-front work. And, our inner ‘yards’ are no different!
When we begin to explore the inner terrain, there might be some habits that we’d like to change. I know I stay inside and watch Netflix lots more in the winter months. Changing my mindset to focus on a healthy life-style is definitely a worthwhile task. Our world has been turbulent – we can check to see if we are holding the ‘high watch’ and seeing the Christ in our neighbors. Possibly our circumstances have been difficult, and we find ourselves weighted down with sadness, frustration or anger. Many things can contribute to having an ‘overgrown’ consciousness. Doing some inner work will help us have the peace of mind and positive anticipation to make the most of our spring days.
We are spiritual beings. We are at our best when we know and live from the Truth. Let us resolve this Spring to clear our minds and hearts, readying ourselves to be the Light in the world.

Rev. Sharon

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