Daffodils and Dandelions
Don’t you just love spring? I certainly do! It seems that the landscape changes almost overnight, going from all brown to green. Flowers are blooming, trees have blossomed and formed new leaves, and there is a fresh new energy. I sit at my computer right in front of a window that looks out onto my front yard, and I get to see the new life every day. But not all of the new life is welcome.
Granted, the bushes have sprouted new green leaves beautifully. A neighbor’s bush has promising looking red buds about to open. I have green grass now – at least some. I also have a nice crop of clover and many dandelions. While I appreciate the green, and I actually like dandelion flowers, I also know that these ‘weeds’ crowd out the grass. Somehow, the weeds seem to be stronger and grow faster and more prolifically than grass can. If I don’t do something to rein in their growth, I will soon have a yard of weeds. And I think our minds can be like that!
Have you experienced a ‘seed of discontent’? Someone makes a negative comment that causes you to wonder if you’ve been missing something. Sometimes gossip can start out sounding like news. Hearing that so and so is separated and is devastated by their partner’s infidelity can plant a seed of condemnation and judgment. If left unchecked, that seed can blossom into full blown indignation and anger against the person at the heart of the gossip. Like a real weed, it can grow quickly, and it will choke out positive thoughts.
What can we do? In my yard, I can plant more grass seed, and I can dig out the dandelions. In our minds, we can ‘plant’ thoughts of love and acceptance, and we can be vigilant about digging out the critical, condemning thoughts that can spring up overnight.
Unity’s third basic principle is what we call the ‘Law of Mind Action’. Another little rhyme that helps us to remember the principle is ‘thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.’ When we are careful what we allow to ‘take root’ in our minds, we do a lot to keep our minds clear and positive. And we’ll be able to ‘grow’ a life filled with beauty. Happy spring!
Many blessings,
Rev. Sharon

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