Anticipation is in the air. The birds are back chirping outside my window and the squirrels are scampering about. Yes…Spring is in the air and what better time to celebrate the Lenten Season than a time in which the earth renews and replenishes after a winter’s rest.

Spring is the season of new growth and Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement in the book, Keep a True Lent wrote, “Lent is the season of spiritual growth, progressive unfoldment within. When we blend and merge our mind with God-Mind, the way is open for the Lord to glorify us and to lift us into a higher purer, more spiritual state of consciousness”. So how do we make the most out of this time of growth? We do so by preparing our minds and hearts to become fully aware of our oneness with Christ Mind.

Fillmore, in the Revealing Word explains, “crucifixion is the crossing out of errors that have become fixed states in our consciousness…”. We go through crucifixions daily as we let go of all those erroneous thoughts that do not support the abundant life which is our inheritance from God.

“Resurrection is the restoring of mind and body to its original undying state”. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience and each time we experience that realization we resurrect into a higher state of consciousness, that realm where we know what we truly are.

The Bible is our experience, our journey. Join us on the Sundays preceding Easter as we embark upon our own inward journey to a Resurrection.

Happy Easter Blessed Ones!

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