We have a lot to celebrate during the next couple months.

First, Mother’s Day is this month and we celebrate you all. Caring for another living being is a sacred activity not to be taken lightly. In the Daily Word from May 2017, I read “A mother can be anyone who takes on a role of caring for a child–whether that person is a biological or adoptive parent, another relative, a teacher, or a friend. The most important aspect in being a mother is to love and care for a child unconditionally.” That definition covers a wide variety of folks. Take time this month to honor your mother or someone who has nurtured you and made a difference in your life.

In June we will celebrate Father’s Day. Jesus often referred to God as Father in the bible. When He was asked how we should pray, in Matthew 6:9, He began with the words, “Our Father…” In biblical times, the father or male image was head of the household, the provider. I believe Jesus was trying to give an example of our relationship to God. God not only provides, but we are nurtured by His love and desire for us to live prosperous lives. This is a great role model for all fathers in this modern age.

We are also celebrating UCOL’s 25th Anniversary, Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. June 22, 2019 here at 2709 Yale Boulevard in St. Charles. The excitement is building, and we want all our Unity family and friends from all the Unity Churches in the area to come celebrate with us. You don’t want to miss the guest speakers who have served this spiritual community the past 25 years. Who knows, you might be in one of the photos! Please join us if you can, for more information contact us via email at unitychurchoflight@gmail.com.

Blessings and Happy Celebrating,

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