What do you think makes you free? If it is based on how prosperous you are financially, or how much material wealth you have, then your view of freedom may be somewhat limited because it is based on what you feel you are free to do.

First and foremost, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience. As a spiritual being, when we get it right, we live from the inside out. In us we have inherited Wholeness, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, and many other attributes. In us are all the potentialities of freedom. When we lift our consciousness above the world of appearances, we can see all that makes us great, all that makes us Divine. When we began to think of freedom as an inside job…we rise above all the thoughts of limitation. When we get the divine idea deep within that the Christ within is our freeing power…then we can stand in the Truth and know we were born free!

Just like anything else, when you doubt in your heart that the Christ lives in you, you began to have a distorted picture of life. Martha Smock (in Listen Beloved…) writes, “You can be free! You can be free from feelings of insecurity, from feelings of inferiority. You can be free from moodiness or depression. You can be free from dependence on anything in the outer for satisfaction and peace. You can be free, because this is the way God created you and your freedom lies in your own mind. When you let go limiting and binding thoughts, you find that conditions, persons, or circumstances no longer have power over you.”

Then and only then will you come into the awareness you are free; it is the Truth of your being. God has given you perfect freedom to grow and to unfold; He has implanted His powers and abilities within you. Know this Truth and it will set you free!

Have a joyous 4th of July.


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