Joyfully Celebrate

The countdown is on…the journey from Thanksgiving to a bright New Year has begun! The busiest holidays of the year are almost here. Let’s take time to pause and remind ourselves no matter the appearances, peace is in us, all around and about us. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to stop and look around, count the many blessings we have received. Sometimes we get so absorbed in the hustle, bustle we forget how much good there is in our world and in our lives. May Rowland wrote, “When we open our heart to God in a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, His love descends upon us in overflowing measure.”

How great is it that Christmas follows Thanksgiving. The season that represents the awakened Christ in each one of us when we open our minds and hearts to be receptive to Truth. Isn’t it wonderful to realize, greater is that spirit born in us than all the activities occurring in the world? Christmas reminds us of the joy and peace that is ours to share with the Universe. It is a season of giving freely…not just material things, but radiating peace, and unconditional love. These precious moments are always occurring when you take time not only at Christmas, but every day to pause, turn within, and connect with the harmony and peace that resides therein.

What follows the awakening of Christ in us? The dawning of a new day, a chance to begin again as we usher in a New Year ripe with opportunities! These activities don’t just take place a certain time a year. The holidays are reminders of what occurs in us always as we journey into a deep awareness, we are more than human beings. Want to know more? We invite you to join us any Sunday in person at our 10:30 a.m. service in our beautiful chapel.

Embrace the moments when you can say, “It is well with my soul.” Affirm, I AM peace and that peace flows through me to reach out and touch the world.
Have a Joyous holiday season!

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