Fertile Ground



I really get excited around holidays because they are fertile ground and a great time to spread seeds of Truth and watch them unfold.  In our Unity way of life, we know that everyday we can experience Thanksgiving, we can always feel the joy of Christmas and the pleasure of having moved through year of learning and growing.  Why is that? Because we not only learn and explore Truth, but we incorporate it into our daily living.


Our blessings increase by being grateful for what we have and for where we have been planted in this human experience.  In the book ‘How To Use The Power of Your Word’, Stella Mann writes “Gratitude acts as a magnet that draws to it respect, friendship, and love”.  Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving season, spread seeds of gratitude for all things and watch the Universe respond in love.


The greatest gift that has been given to us is the gift of the Christ Spirit in us.  When we share that Spirit, we are expressing the true meaning of the season, the awakened Christ.  Christmas can be a handful with all the shopping and decorating, but the true meaning of the season is not about the gift giving, and all the elaborate decorations. It’s about celebrating the conscious awareness of the Christ in not only ourselves, also in others.  Plant seeds, affirm often this season, ‘I behold the Christ in you’…even in that line waiting to pay for a purchase. Feel the calm in that moment.


The year of 2018 has been a pretty eventful year.  Fertile ground for practicing the Oneness of all, unconditional love, peace and harmony.  The perfect time to pause and reflect on your personal growth, to take notice of your contribution to the events in this year (peace or fear).  We are expressions of God, just think of the awesome ripple effect which will flow out and touch others when one or two of us consciously choose to show up as joy, unconditional love, peace and all the other attributes of God wherever we go.  We are planting seeds right now in fertile ground.


My vision for you is a Joyous holiday season full of a bountiful harvest of spiritual growth, unconditional love, and most of all an awareness of Oneness with all things.




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