Our Theme for 2019: Together–Moving Forward as One in Faith, Love and Harmony!

It almost seems too soon to be saying “Happy New Year”, feels like 2018 just started. I am thrilled with the possibilities that the year of 2019 holds as together we move forward as one in faith, love and harmony!

In Luke 12:48 it is written, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required”. Believe it or not…we are a rich spiritual community, we stand strong in our Truth,” One Presence, One Power moving in and throughout all”. We have received much this past year; the inspirational speakers; the fantastic musicians; the beautiful souls that come to classes and services, and therefore much is expected of us. We are to take those experiences and together move forward as One in faith, love and harmony”.

I have been contemplating our Mission here at UCOL (Unity Church of Light) which is to “stand as a Spiritual Beacon to illuminate the world”. A beacon is defined as “a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a signal, or celebration or a guide. Together as a body of One in an illumined state of consciousness here in a prominent position in the community of St. Charles Missouri, UCOL is that guiding light that provides a signal for those seeking peace, love and joy. We have been given the ability to be that light as a body of One, through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Truth principles upon which we stand.

So many people these days are in pursuit of happiness, not realizing it is found within themselves. With our Mission as our banner, lets continue to come together as a spiritual community, as a spiritual beacon and hold the Vision that we are a Spiritual Inspiration in the community as well as in the world. Not only will it shine a light for others, but it will also draw to us that which will manifest as our abundance.

Here’s our homework. Start by claiming we are one body in Spirit; by holding to the Faith which passes all understanding and sees through the appearances; loving one another without conditions and being the expression of love that we were created to be; moving through experiences in harmony asking what is best for all concerned. It takes all of us to move forward in this that we have been given, a beautiful spirited community.

HAPPY NEW YEAR…and here’s to “Together–Moving Forward as One in Faith, Love and Harmony!


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